Mangano Law strives to have our legal knowledge, experience and tenacity advance the position and well-being of union labor organizations by aggressively representing and servicing them and their respective memberships.

More About The Firm

Our lawyers strongly believe in putting innovation and knowledge at the forefront of their practices in order to address the needs of clients in the most advanced and effective way possible. We passionately back the interests of our union clients to ensure they are properly represented in a professional manner in and out of the court room or at the bargaining table.

Our lawyers understand the complex system in which our clients exist and the many issues they face. With the regulations and laws always changing, we recognize the importance of proactively staying abreast of changing trends, laws and regulations within the construction industry so we can deliver the best results and advice for our clients.

Our pragmatic style, backed by many years of labor law experience, allows us to approach and take a hold of any situation. We believe and take pride in our clients and vow to represent and guide them in the utmost professional manner. We strive to anticipate their needs in order to build long-term relationships with them.s

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